Our staff takes the time to choose from the freshest of foods and daily prepare them in an immaculate and modernly designed kitchen where all ingredients, fruits, vegatables, noodles, meats and rice are properly stored and marinated with the love that is needed to serve the very best of Da Nang Quan. 


Our dishes are fused with the traditional and distinctive flavors from Vietnam's largest South Central Coast city of Da Nang that dates back many centuries. We use delicious blends of fresh, exotic herbs and interesting spices to create enticing smells and mouth watering meals that we know you will enjoy and love. 


We are a staff that works in harmony and are committed to providing a memorable dining experience for our guests. We are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do and together we are able to collaborate and cohesively execute excellent service standards to make sure all diners are happy, satisfied and become loyal customers.