Vietnamese cuisine is a treasure trove of contrasting exotic flavors and textures influenced by Chinese, Thai, French, Cambodian, and Laotian styles and patterns that beg for gastronomic exploration on the part of our diners and chefs alike.

We offer a menu based upon shared plates for dining, promoting the Vietnamese tradition of the "family style" meal in which food is shared and enjoyed by those close, spreading the pleasurable  experience of all, Da Nang Quan, has to offer. 

Though Vietnamese food is about dining in a "family style" environment, we also cater to the fast pace lifestyle today's bay area community is accustom to with our intimate table placement and option to phone-in and pick up your Da Nang Quan order to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or at your desk while you work. 

Eating together is the Da Nang Quan family serving the community with the best and most affordable vietnamese cuisine for everyone's enjoyment, whether it's to dine-in or take-out.